What’s a data catalog?

At its heart, a data catalog is a piece of software that lets businesses index and find the data they own. Sound simple? It is. It’s the extra stuff that makes it great. Intelligent metadata management, consistent data quality checks, data observability and discovery, and an intuitive, friendly user interface are the things that makes the catalog a place where people want to go to solve problems. These are the hallmarks of a data catalog built for real people. 

The ThinkData Works Data Catalog is unique because it prioritizes data users, regardless of their tech background. As a platform that began as a distribution hub for open data, we have consistently built the platform to manage and provide access to data, letting people query data from the platform directly without needing to go elsewhere to start using the data that the catalog helps them find. Too many catalogs are built exclusively for data professionals - ours is built for professionals who need data.