What is the ThinkData Works Catalog?

A user-focused data platform that makes it easy to connect, manage, and share the data to increase business intelligence

Our approach

We started building the ThinkData Works Platform in 2014, during a period when governments and individuals were eager to get data into the hands of people who could use it to make better decisions. These roots run through everything we do. We fundamentally believe that access to data is a differentiator, and that the difference between a business that succeeds and a business that falls behind is how well they empower their people to use data. 

As a company that spent many years aggregating open data, we’ve seen a lot of, well, crap. Data is a junkheap, and anyone who says otherwise is lying or hasn’t spent a lot of time in a warehouse. By managing data for long enough, we learned important ways to make it less crappy. We learned things the hard way, because we wanted the platform we built to solve the problems data people actually have - not the problems people think they have. 

We also believe that business users are people too (hear us out) and that building a bridge between data divisions and business units doesn’t have to be a painful experience. We built the platform to connect these users, and also to empower them both to find what they need.