How does the ThinkData Works Catalog help teams?

A data catalog is a place where people go to find data. Once they’ve found it, it’s also a place to connect to the data, integrate it into business intelligence tools, and start mining it for insight. Here’s how our users get the most out of the Data Catalog:

Self-service access to actionable data

The ThinkData Platform makes data easy to find AND easy to use. Once the Catalog is set up, it becomes mission control for data access.

Reduce spend and increase transparency

How many data copies are you creating every day? The answer to that question is probably “too many”. Streamline data use and management, all while increasing observability into every part of your data pipeline. 

Use the cloud better and develop a better data culture

This one’s for the managers out there. Do you lie awake at night worried that your boss is going to ask you about the status of every dataset you own? Do you worry that everyone’s forgotten about that FTP someone set up in the 1970s that’s still being used every day? Rest easy, we got you.