How do I sort search results?

A simple but powerful feature that helps to surface the data you want

The Sort feature of your catalog is easy to use, but shouldn't be overlooked. Arrange the datasets that appear in your catalog home screen or search results by:

how well a dataset matches your search terms

Create date
when the dataset was created

Update date
when the dataset was last updated

Dataset title
alphabetically by the name of the dataset

Source name
alphabetically by the name of the source

Connection type
alphabetically by the type of connection the dataset uses

Connection name
alphabetically by the name of the dataset connection

Connection URL
alphabetically by the URL of the dataset connection

Most liked
greatest number of upvotes

Most rated
greatest number of total votes

Recently commented
recent activity in dataset comments

Most commented
greatest amount of comments

Utility score
highest rating based on metadata completion

Access pulse
how often and recently the dataset has been viewed or queried

Health completeness
the percentage of non-null values in a dataset

Health consistency
how often the dataset structure (schema) changes

Health reliability
how often the dataset has a successful ingestion