How do I use teams?

A summary of managing teams and members

The Teams section within our platform helps you mirror your actual organization structure in your data catalog. Note that not all users have permission to manage this feature.

Teams are especially useful when sharing data [link], because you can easily share data to a group of stakeholders rather than individuals.

To create a team, navigate to the People menu item under the Organization heading in the left sidebar. At the top of that page is Members and Teams – click Teams.

"Create team" is in the top right, and all you have to do is give it a name.

From there, add members by clicking either the + sign on the far right, or, when a Team is empty, the prompt that says "Click here to invite members." When you add a member, you'll also be able to assign management capabilities for that member, which will allow that user to invite others or rename the Team.

Organization Administrators and Managers will always have the ability to manage Teams.