How do I limit shares?

In addition to letting users customize the access level for data shares and their start and stop dates, the platform also lets users configure specific views of the dataset to share "custom slices" of the dataset to different user groups. 

To limit what parts of a dataset you share to a user/team/organization, start by navigating to a dataset you want to share. 

Go to the Table view of the dataset by selecting "Table". 

From there, you may modify the dataset by filtering columns or redacting columns. When you've created the view you'd like to share, select "Share" from the dataset actions bar. Select "+ New share" to create the share. 

If you scroll down to the Filter data section, you'll see the columns and rows you selected. If you would like to further modify the share, you may do so by selecting the filter button in the column or row section. This will collapse the popover to allow you continue modifying the dataset. 

When you are satisfied with the limited view, reopen the popover and select "Share" to complete the share. You may always return to the share to modify it later.