How do I add people to my organization?

One of the best parts of the ThinkData Works Catalog is the ability to collaborate with teammates on data projects. To get the most out of the catalog, you'll want to bring people into the platform to find and connect to the data products you're building. 

As a catalog admin or organization manager, you'll be able to add people to the organization. To do this, select "People" in the sidebar to be taken to the member page. Here you'll be able to see all active members of your organization and their current role. To add a new member, select the "+ Invite members" button. 

Input the email of the person you would like to invite - you may also input many emails at once, if you plan on giving multiple new members the same permissions. You can even copy and paste a list of emails into the input form. 

You may also add a note to the new users. They will see this note when they receive the email invitation. 

Once you've added the new user email(s), select a permission level for them. The catalog uses a role-based access control (RBAC) approach, which means that every role has a set of permissions. You may preview these roles and permissions in the invite member popover. 

Below is a list of the preconfigured roles available:

Admininstrator: All permissions

Data manager: Users who create, manage, and organize data and metadata

Organization manager: Users who manage members, teams, roles, and permissions 

Activity manager: Users who view all organization datasets and may monitor activity and access through the activity dashboard

Custom: A configurable role that may include all or some of the above permissions

Viewer: A user with no specific permissions. This is often someone who has been granted view access on one or several datasets