How do I find data?

An overview of the search functions within your catalog

ThinkData Works has implemented a powerful search interface to make sure you can find the data you need quickly and easily.

At the top of the Catalog view is a search bar. You can simply type in a keyword, or narrow down your search:

The broadest search that scans the title, description, and any data or metadata contents

Looks at any Topics the dataset is categorized under

Glossary Terms
Searching for columns that exist in your Business Glossary

Search across column names

Metadata Field
Search for specific metadata properties

Metadata Template
Search for datasets that use a specific metadata template

Where the data comes from. A source is a metadata component describing the origin of the data

How the dataset is brought into the catalog. A source can have many connections based on how the data is integrated

The organization that originally created the dataset in the catalog. Unless you are using the catalog as part of a consortium, it's likely this will always be your primary organization

Search for data residing within a specific warehouse

Find data uploaded by a specific user

Shared with
Find data that's shared with specific users or Teams

Dataset state
Differentiate between connected data and metadata only datasets

Row count
Search for data within a range for its number of rows using standard numerical operators

Created at
Find data created on a specific date

Updated at
Find data based on its most recent update

Next update at
Find data that is scheduled to be updated at a specific date


Once you've narrowed your search, use the Sort function to surface the data you're looking for quickly.