How do I create a connection?

Connections are how the platform pulls data into the platform. Use them to streamline data consumption.

To create a connection, start by creating a new source. When the source has been created, you can select the “add connection” button to create a connection for this source. Each connection adds data to the source in a different way. File Upload type connections, for example, let you drag-and-drop data into the source, whereas HTTP type connections let you connect directly to a website that has data in it. 

Sometimes sources will have many connections. This is the case when you want to maintain source lineage for data that originates in different places. If you purchase data from a provider who sends over some files through an FTP, but you have an ETL that pipes other datasets from them into your cloud warehouse. 

There are several out-of-the-box connections available on the platform, and many other connections available on demand.