How do I add metadata to a dataset?

Flexible custom fields let you add any amount of metadata to the dataset quickly and easily

Metadata comes in many shapes and sizes. There's no end to the amount of metadata you can add to a dataset. And since data always comes with different metadata requirements, we want to provide you with a highly flexible way to add the metadata you need to all of the datasets you have. 

To add metadata to a dataset, navigate to the "add metadata" section of the create/edit dataset popover. When you select the edit button, a new dialog box will open. Select the "Add metadata" button to open the metadata builder. 

There you'll see two categories of metadata you can add. Recommended and Custom.

Recommended fields are metadata elements that describe certain key metadata that are very helpful to teams that are using the platform to manage data contracts. These are:

  • Contract owner: the team or department who owns a data contract
  • Data cost: the license cost of the dataset
  • License expiry: the date on which the dataset license will expire
  • Point of contact: the person responsible for the data contract 

Custom fields are more flexible metadata elements that provide key/value pairs to let you customize what metadata you want to add to the dataset

  • Text: any text-based information you'd like to add to the dataset. Example: "use restrictions"
  • Attachment: any attachment you want to add to the dataset. Example: a readme file
  • Linked data: lets you select other datasets on the platform to link them together
  • Link: a url. Example: the website where the data originates
  • Member: a user in the data catalog. Example: assigning a data maintainer
  • Team: a team in the data catalog. Example: assigning a user group
  • Date: a date associated with the dataset. Example: next review
  • Point in time: a datetime associated with the dataset
  • Number: a number/integer associated with the dataset. Example: max users
  • Currency: a currency/price field associated with the dataset: Example: upkeep cost
  • Decimal: a decimal associated with the dataset. Example: version number

To add a field, select the field(s) you would like to add to the dataset, then select add fields (you may add many at the same time. Once you have added the fields, input the appropriate information then select Done to return to the edit dataset popover. Select Save dataset to save your changes.