How do I set up health monitoring on a dataset?

Enabling and Scheduling Health Monitoring

The ThinkData Works platform provides a dataset health monitoring solution that allows users to monitor data quality and set data quality alerts.

Health monitoring can be enabled by users with Edit permissions on a dataset by toggling health monitoring to "ON" via the dataset edit page.



Once health monitoring is enabled, the user can define a schedule on which the platform will scan and update the health monitoring statistics. Note that for virtualized datasets, changing the schedule only impacts when health monitoring statistics are updated, whereas for all other datasets, changing the schedule adjusts when the dataset is refreshed from the source which is the same time when the health monitoring tool scans the data and updates the statistics. With that being said, the process for adjusting the schedule is identical for both virtualized and ingested datasets.

The schedule can be adjusted by users with Edit permissions on the dataset by going to the edit page for the dataset.


The scheduling UI allows the user to select various refresh frequencies for the health monitoring statistics from hourly to yearly.