How do I get started with automation and using the platform API?

API documentation and automation examples.

Every action performed via the catalog UI can be performed using the platform's API. 

To get started access the ThinkData Works Data Catalog API Docs here

Useful workflows to implement using the API:

  1. Metadata Harvesting: The ThinkData Works platform collects technical metadata from the source, however there may be additional metadata available that a user wishes to add to the catalog. Scripts can be created to harvest this additional metadata, and using the platform API, populate that metadata in the associated platform source metadata / dataset metadata / data dictionary / business glossary term etc.
  2. Automated shares: Admins can share their datasets to organizations, teams, or individual members using the platform share UI, or they could build a script that takes advantage of business rules for shares, such as the redaction of PII, and uses the platform API to create shares automatically for new datasets based on these business rules.
  3. Assigning lineage relationships: Users responsible for data pipelines can leverage the platform API to automatically assign lineage relationships between datasets.
  4. Building custom reports: The platform API can be used to export the various metadata components from the platform into a tabular format to build reports on.