Advanced sharing settings

Using the catalog, you can create highly customized shares to members, teams, and organizations. 

When sharing a dataset, you can select the "Advanced (optional)" workflow to open it. 

In the advanced section, you will see three options:

  • Data export
  • Start date
  • End date

By default, all shares include the ability to export the dataset. If you would like to turn off exports for a specific share, you can select the toggle on Data export to change it from "allowed" to "prevented". 

Additionally, all dataset shares default to starting immediately. If you would like to put the start date for the share at some point in the future, you may select a date by toggling the start date to "on" and then choosing the appropriate date in the calendar. 

Finally, you may select an expiry for the share by toggling End date to "on" and selecting a future date in the calendar. This is useful if you want to limit how long someone has access to a dataset.